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Cryopreservation and Resuscitation of The Genetic Material

Service introduction

In order to better alleviate the space occupancy rate of experimental mice, reduce costs, and avoid unnecessary losses caused by precious factors such as the external environment and diseases. Through certain protective measures and cooling procedures, the genetic material of the mouse is frozen in liquid nitrogen to achieve long-term stable preservation. According to your mouse needs, you can recover the frozen sperm or embryo and transplant the embryo into the pseudo-pregnant mouse (fallopian tube transplantation or uterine transplantation), record the birth of the pups and arrange genotype identification, etc., to obtain SPF. The descendants of the class are delivered to the customer.


Advantage 1:  The technical level is at the international leading level (sperm cryopreservation efficiency is stable at more than 70%; embryo cryopreservation efficiency is stable at over 95%)

Advantage 2:  The large-scale gas phase tank is preserved, avoiding cross-contamination between samples, automatic filling and early warning system, and sub-regional grade preservation, which more effectively ensures the safety of the sample;

Advantage 3:  The recovery of the offspring can seamlessly connect with the agent breeding business, and the related work is normally carried out according to the breeding plan;

Advantage 4:  Provide agent to import domestic and foreign resource pools, genetic material business of colleges and universities, and have more than 10 years of experience in recovery, can be used for different foreign cryopreservation methods for sperm or embryo resuscitation;

Advantage 5:  Free genotyping of parents to ensure the accuracy of genetic material.


Detail Introduction

Currently, there are mainly embryo Cryopreservation and sperm cryopreservation projects. The two methods of sperm cryopreservation and embryo cryopreservation are as follows: