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MEFs and Feeder Cells

Service introduction

The separation of mouse embryos and primary culture is the first and most important stage of embryonic stem cell culture.Mouse embryonic fibroblasts(MEFs) provide the materials and key factors for embryonic stem cell growth to support mouse and human embryonic stem cell growth and maintain an undifferentiated state. 


Mouse embryonic fibroblasts


High quality:Through bacteria, fungi, mycoplasma and other detection, to ensure that the cell free from microbial contamination;

Rich experience:Nearly 20 years of embryonic fibroblast production experience, ES gene target for self-use, quality assurance;

One-stop service:Customized mouse model, separated model of embryonic fibroblasts one-stop service;

A variety of resistant spot products: Available for anti-Neo/Hypro/Puro and other mouse embryonic fibroblasts.

Detail Introduction

13.5 days of mouse embryos were removed from the uterus, the head and limbs were removed, only the trunk was retained, treated with trypsin, chelating agent (usually EDTA), dispersed into single cells, and cultured in MEF growth medium to allow cells to be cultured. Survive, grow and reproduce.


Isolation of MEFs and preparation of Feeder cells


13.5 days mouse embryo


Mouse embryonic fibroblasts(MEFs)


1d~3d:MEFs were isolated from mouse embryos, cultured and cryopreserved.

3d~12d:Detection of bacteria and mycoplasma.

13d-24d: Preparation of Feeder cells.