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Service introduction

If you don't have time, facilities or orther resources to manage your experimental mice, Gempharmatech's Mice Breeding Service will be your best choice. According to the needs of your experimental mice, we will develop a detailed breeding plan, maintain the most reasonable breeding scale, provide one-stop service( such as breeding, providing and transportation), saving your time, space and funds.

Design personalized breeding program, High effective execution, customer first.


Advantage 1: The first unit in China to undertake the mouse breeding business, with rich project experience;

Advantage 2: More than ten years of experience in breeding conservation, providing services to well-known research institutions at home and abroad;

Advantage 3: First-class technical team, professional and technical personnel, strictly guarantee the cleanliness of the facilities and animal quality;

Advantage 4: Perfect management measures, follow up the mouse breeding process in real time, provide living protection plan while meeting your mouse plan;

Advantage 5: Advanced instruments and facilities,Industrial production.

Breeding environment

Quality facilities

Our animal facility design concept is energy-saving, intelligent and versatile. It is one of the longest-running large-scale semi-automated mouse production facilities in China. The building area of the facility is over 10,000m2, and the number of cages is more than 100,000. They are all air-cleanness level 7 barrier facilities. The whole animal facility has a high degree of automation. It adopts customized automatic control system of Air-conditionin, match the distribution of the equipment layer, initial effect, medium efficiency, high efficiency air duct, and wind speed sensor, controller, etc. Thereby achiving intelligent and precise control of conditions such as temperature, humidity and pressure in animal rooms. The ground source heat pump is used to supply energy to the air conditioning system of the facility, and the energy saving is as high as 50%. Mouse breeding were carried out using SPF facility with IVC/IVU mode, wherein the IVC/IVU system used automatic drinking water device and exhaust system independent. All units use one-in-one mode to ensure normal operation in an emergency.

Integrated breeding management

Management System: we use the professional mouse management software EAMS system with the PDA client,. each mouse cage contains a unique chip identification system, real-time transmission of mouse breeding data.

Breeding Environment: The breeding room maintains a positive pressure system ,regularly cleaned and disinfected., the temperature is maintained at 20-26℃, the relative humidity is maintained at 40%-70%, the noise is less than 60dB; the alternating time between day and night is 12h/12h.

Quality Control: experienced and professional veterinary team, strictly quality control. Methods for detecting animal health include pathology, microbiology, and parasitology. The testing project is in line with international standards