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Assisted reproductive and mouse purification services

Service introduction

Assisted reproductive technology for saving infertile male mice and female, which due to factors such as older mice, microbial infections, genital malformations or dysplasia, mating difficulties due to obesity and other factors. Due to the barrier function of the zona pellucida, thus in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer technicals can remove bacteria, viruses, in vitro and in vivo parasites, etc. infected by the target strain mice, and the mouse microbial level can be improved to specified pathogen-free (SPF) level and above. In addation, the speed expansion can be achieved through mouse biological purification, the experiment can be matched to the corresponding purification scheme by the number of purified mouse offsprings required .

The common assisted reproductive technicals: IVF, Ovary transplanting, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection(ICSI), Round Spermatid Injection(ROSI), etc.


Advantage 1: more than 10 years mouse purification experience,  completed nearly 3000 batches of mouse purification operation, the success rate is 100%

Advantage 2: Save the reproductive function of female mice over 10 days old and success rate over 95%.

Advantage 3: The thawed offspring can deliver to the agent breeding service directly, and oprate by the breeding plan.

Advantage 4: Besides the IVF and ovary transplanting, the clients also choice ICSI and ROSI service according the mouse condition.

Advantage 4: Free genotyping retest of parents to ensure positive ratios of offspring

Detail Introduction

The clients can choice the different strategies for the different question in the breeding.