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Liver fibrosis model

Introduction:Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4) is the most widely used toxin to induce liver fibrosis. CCl4 induced mouse liver fibrosis model is suitable to test the effect of the anti-fibrosis drugs.

Strain C57BL/6J mouse and other gene editing mouse

Group Size8-10 mice per group,5-8 groups

Grouping:Negative control, Vehicle control, Positive drug control,Test drug (high, middle and low dose level).

Period: 8-10 weeks

Inspection ItemsFibrosis scoring, Fibrosis marker assessment (TGFβ1、COL1A1、TIMP1、ACTA2 etc.), Histologic analysis (H&E staining, Sirius red staining)

Model Data

1. Sirius red staining of the liver from control and CCl4 injected mice


Sirius Red staining of liver sections showed significant fibrosis in the liver of the CCl4-injected mice.