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Myocardial infarction model

Description of experiment: 

Under anesthesia, place mouse on a ventilator after respiratory intubation and open the thorax. Split the pectoralis major to expose the area around the 4th rib, make an incision subsequently in intercostal muscle of approximately 1.0 cm in length. Find the heart then remove the part of the pericardial sac that is covering the heart. Use an 8.0 Prolene suture to ligate the left anterior descending artery proximal. Close the thoracic incision and sewed up the skin.  Stop anesthesia and make sure the mouse has spontaneously breathing without ventilator. This myocardial infarction model provides drug developers an invaluable tool for screening large numbers of new potential drugs.

StrainC57BL/6J mouse and other gene editing mouse

Group Size 5-10 mice/group,3-8 group

GroupingControl,Vehicle,Positive drug, Test drug(low, median, high)

Experimental Period6 weeks



Normal QRST wave before surgery.


Elevated ST segment after surgery.


HE staining showed that the cross striations of cytosol was disappeared, nucleus condensed in concert with fragmentation and dissolution, accompanied by infiltration of inflammatory cells.

Note: only surgical access was opened, the left anterior descending artery was not ligated; MI: Myocardial surgery, the left anterior descending artery was ligated.


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