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Other neurological disease detection and services

Movement ability tests: Treadmill, Fatigue rotating rod, Balance beam, Climbing pole

Learning and memory tests: Open field activities, New thing recognition, Morris water maze, Eight-arm experiment, Y maze

Depression behavior tests: Sugar water preferences, Open field activities, Hanging tails, Forced swimming,Social boxes

Anxiety behavior tests: Open field activities, Cross viaduct, Light and dark box, Weighing, Daily food/Water intake 



Cerebral stereotactic drug delivery srevice direction:

Animal models of disease with targeted administration of drugs in brain regions;

Drug treatment to penetrate the blood-brain barrier drugs with lateral ventricular administration;

Neural circuits labeled by injection of AAV virus into the fixed-point brain region;

Tumor cells injected into a glioma model in situ


AAALAC-certified first-class animal facility

Diverse functional analysis services based on IMPC platform

Intraoperative thermostatic system

Two-arm brain stereotactic injection device