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CD3-targeting bispecific antibodies (CD3 bsAbs) that recruit and direct immune effector cells to kill tumor cells are the fastest growing tools in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Up to date, only blinatumomab has obtained FDA approved, while dozens of new T-BsAbs are in clinical development. GemPharmatech has developed a unique and reliable human CD3ε-transgenic mouse model on BALB/c genetic background to accelerate the preclinical efficacy and safety evaluation of such drugs.


1. Research of T cell development and activation

2. In vivo efficacy and safety evaluation of CD3ε-targeting bispecific antibodies

Data support


In vivo efficacy study of CD20XCD3 bispecific antibody in BALB/c-hCD3ε mice.

Significant tumor growth inhibition was observed in BALB/c-hCD3E mice bearing subcutaneous A20-hCD20 tumor after 0.5mg/kg hCD3/hCD20 bispecific antibody treatment.