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In 2017,

· The team founded GemPharmatech Co. Ltd.

In 2018,

· Started Knock-Out All Project, aiming to establish a comprehensive knock out strain library of all coding gene in mice and accelerating the global life science research.

In 2019,

· Built humanized animal models and pharmacology system, assisting the development of new drugs;

· Established Changzhou branch, expanding the production capacity;

· Organized the national sales force in China;

· Closed Series A funding.

In 2020,

· Created over 14,000 gene knockout strains within the Knock-Out All Project, owning the world's top 3 mice strain resources.

· Obtained the Germ-Free Animal Production License;

· Put Chengdu and Guangdong production bases into operation, developing a national layout in China;

· Established subsidiary in Boston, U.S. and built the sales network in America, Europe and Southeast Asia, marching into the international market;

· Closed Series B funding.